My name is Simon. I love technical stuff, doing sport and music.

I studied computer sciences to learn about software engineering, machine learning and computer vision. Currently I work as a data engineer in the chemical industry. My role requires me to use the knowledge of all three fields I have learned about.

I am a judo-black-belt and really enjoy practising this tough but rewarding sport. It teaches you a lot about yourself, both on a physical as well as on a mental level. While Judo can be considered my “main type of sport”, I discovered Bouldering being real fun lately. It can be tough as well, but on a different kind than Judo and it is definitely less prone to injuries - you do not get any younger. Besides these two, other types of sport are always welcome to me as well, because I love being active.

In terms of music I am definitely not an expert, but it is an important part of my life as well. My favourite genres are death- and melodic-death-metal, but from time to time I enjoy other types as well. In 2022 I started playing the guitar, which is a quite novel experience for me. But I like that you are able to be creative with the instrument even if your competencies are rather limited - but I do not give any concerts yet - you would not like it I guess.